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We started as a company in 1997

Several of my cousins who are still in the home building business(J-Mar Builders) started a roofing division, spraying many flat roofs around the Broad St. area of Augusta. They began using the spray foam for insulation on houses they were building as well, and we gradually morphed into an insulation company. Still doing roof projects, but the majority of our work is insulation in new construction. 

As time progressed, we began coming in contact with other builders from the area, and today we have the list of contractors that you can find in the reference section. I started with the company when I turned 18, in 2001, and in 2011 I bought it from my former boss. We are not the most competitive company out there as far as pricing. Spray foam is an involving process that requires having properly trained employees who know what to look for as far as the finished product actually performing according to standard...the contractor in charge having knowledge about what type of foam is approved for what application(in many counties these are very important issues as related to building codes)...using high quality products to ensure that a customer gets what he is expecting(there are MANY spray foam manufactures out there), and many more angles related to the difference between a good job and a bad one. 

We have been in business for a long time, are family owned and operated, and the company has been built from the start around providing the best job possible, and always doing exactly what we say. We are not a large company, and as such advertise accordingly. But we rely on our reputation speaking for itself. Our general contractors are all repeat customers who will vouch for us and the work we do. 



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